TOP 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Travel Guide

TOP 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Travel Guide

– Description –
Join us on a digital journey by means of the TOP 50 Most Spectacular UNESCO Heritage Sites. From the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef to the majestic temple complicated of Angkor Wat, we discover these unbelievable landmarks, delving into their wealthy historical past, beautiful landscapes, and interesting cultural significance. Whether you are a wildlife fanatic, a historical past buff, or just looking for breathtaking surroundings, these locations are a should-go to for any traveler. So, sit again, calm down, and be a part of us on this unbelievable journey!

– Chapters & Places –
0:00 Intro
0:40 Grand Canyon, USA
1:24 Great Barrier Reef, Australia
2:12 Great Wall of China, China
2:55 Venice, Italy
3:39 Machu Picchu, Peru
4:19 Cappadocia, Turkey
5:07 Angkor wat, Cambodia
5:50 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
6:36 Plitvice, Croatia
7:17 Kyoto, Japan
8:00 Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Brasil
8:46 Mont-Saint-Michel, France
9:25 Petra, Jordan
10:12 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
10:57 Acropolis of Athens, Greece
11:44 Colosseum, Italy
12:27 Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
13:10 Prague, Czech Republic
13:55 Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
14:39 Florence, Italy
15:48 Palmyra, Syria
16:11 Istanbul, Turkey
16:58 Subak System, Bali – Indonesia
17:45 Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
18:31 Sistine Chapel, Vatican City
19:17 Rocky Mountain Parks, Canada
20:04 Pompeii, Italy
20:50 Jaipur, India
21:34 Dubrovnik, Croatia
22:17 Easter Island, Chile
23:04 Twelve (*50*), Australia
23:50 Edinburgh, Scotland
24:37 Cartagena, Colombia
25:20 Samarkand, Uzbekistan
26:03 Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
26:51 Valetta, Malta
27:31 Chichen Itza, Mexiko
28:14 Salzburg, Austria
28:56 Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
29:40 Jeju Island, South Korea
30:23 Granada, Spain
31:09 Bagan, Myanmar
31:54 Bath, England
32:34 Meteora, Greece
33:18 Works of Antoni Gaudi, Spain
34:03 Budapest, Hungary
34:45 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
35:28 Palenque, Mexiko
36:07 Tallinn, Estonia
36:47 Bruges, Belgium
37:25 Outro

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